Sally Pinhey Botanical Illustration


These grapes, originally intended for a book by an eminent wine-taster, are all painted directly from the fruit at the point of harvest. They represent 5 years work and thousands of miles of transworld travel to find the grapes in the vinyards at exactly the right time.

The bloom on the grape is important, as is evidence of fungal infection which in the case of botrytis is an essential component in some wines. Leaf coloration is also significant showing whether the grape is harvested early or late. Wine grapes are not thinned like dessert grapes to make larger fruit, so the bunches usually consist of tightly packed small grapes.

The complete collection makes wonderful vintner's, restaurant, or wine-bar furnishing. Smaller selections add an ambience of well-being to domestic areas.

This is an Open Edition of 16 varieties of wine grapes. The giclee prints measure 12 x 16 inches (31 cm x 21 cm) and cost £25 each unmounted, sent in a stout tube. P & P for UK is included.

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