Sally Graduates at Bournemouth University

Published on: 9th November 2017
By Sally Pinhey

On November 9 Sally graduated at Bournemouth University with and MSc in Green Economy.

BIEG members aim to enhance environmental studies through botanical art. By illustrating plants significant to science we raise the profile and importance of botanical illustration.

The project of studying soil conditioning plants is being undertaken by members.

BIEG members are based on a core of botanical illustrators who originally honed their skills on courses tutored by Sally Pinhey. Their keen interest in plant ecology and desire to continue to work together led to the formation of a group to research an illustrate soil conditioning plants, and create a body of information suitable for publication.
Welcoming other artists to join them is a wider objective to promote the special role that plant illustration plays in ecological science.   Artists with penetrating observation and botanical knowledge can do more than provide a record of identifiable species in a beautiful picture.  The art can awaken interest in plant science and the vital part that plants play in all aspects of environment protection.

Artists wishing to join should be keen to make research plant life-cycles and performance.

Please contact Sally through this website if you are interested.

Sally Pinhey: 9th Nov 2017 16:41:00