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Published on: 24th January 2022
By Sally Pinhey

Plants for Soil Regeneration - an illustrated guide by Sally Pinhey and Margaret Tebbs is published on March 31, 2022.

“Since the age of 12 my work has been directed towards enhancing understanding of the fragility of the environment,” says botanical artist Sally Pinhey.
“By painting plants in detail and encouraging others to do so I direct observation to the most important living things on the planet, and the ones most likely to save us from our greed and folly.”
For the last four years Sally has been writing and illustrating her book Plants for Soil Regeneration. “It is a guide for anyone who has a piece of land, however large or small, to maintain its fertility without the use of chemicals,” explains Sally. “Healthy soil absorbs and protects carbon from the atmosphere. The book explains how, and will be published in March by CABI. My co-writer, Margaret Tebbs is also a botanical illustrator.   
“In the meantime, much encouraged by others efforts, I am redoubling my own to live more sustainably, eating less meat, cycling more, and making further efforts to reduce power use by careful timing in cooking and heating.”

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Sally Pinhey: 24th Jan 2022 17:22:00