Meet the author

Published on: 10th May 2023
By Sally Pinhey

I will be at Dorchester Library from 11am to 12noon on June 17, 2023 with refreshments provided. 

The books on show will be Pears, by Jim Arbury and Sally Pinhey, Plums by Jim Arbury and Sally Pinhey, Natural dyes by Judy Hardman and Sally Pinhey, The Botanical Illustrator's Handbook, by Sally Pinhey, and Plants for Soil Regeneration by Sally Pinhey and Margaret Tebbs.

I will give a short talk  of career resume and driving forces, and invite Margaret Tebbs to say something as well and the rest will be milling about and the opportunity to ask questions.

Plants for Soil Regeneration, an illustrated guide.   
The thrust of the message is that as artificial fertilisers are very expensive, destroy the organic components of soil,  and contribute massively to CO2 emissions. Fertility and carbon sinks can be restored through judicious planting.   To do this successfully without wasting precious years in experimentation, a full understanding of the functions of different plants is essential. The book illustrates the anatomy of each plant showing the all important root systems, flowers and seeds, with the essential information facing each of the 50 illustrations.   The chapters explain in greater detail the complex interactions of all the elements.
Caring for our world this way takes more time and understanding than large scale industrial farming, but when the high cost of agrichemicals is removed the profit balance can be the same, and carbon emissions much reduced. We hope that the beauty of the plant illustrations  encourages a wide readership and brings to the fore the importance of plants in our fragile ecosystem.

Sally Pinhey: 10th May 2023 11:04:00