A collection of books illustrated by Sally Pinhey.

This companion to Apples of England 'Pears' is a comprehensive identification tool by Jim Arbury. It also includes information on the history and culture of pears. Fifty five varieties are arranged alphabetically with illustrations by Sally of blossoms, fruit, leaf, stone and cross section.

The 'Plums' book by the same author and illustrator has the same function and format as 'Pears'. More richly produced, the fifty eight illustrations face the text relating to them in the layout.

Working for the British American Tobacco Company in the 1930s and 40s, Jim Maslen dedicated his book to the Bush District Officer who was much respected for his forbearance and fairness. Jim's descriptions of life in Nigeria are humorous, affectionate, and informative. The chapters are little sketches with a keenly observed historical and human background.

The Botanical Illustrator’s Handbook. Price £16.99  ISBN no. 9781847977175.  Crowood Press. It is a guide to accepted illustration format with solutions to the perennial problems, and a handy resumé of copyright and CITES law,